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South of the Circle is a narrative adventure game from State of Play, available on Apple Arcade.

During my time as Unity Generalist on South of the Circle, my work covered a broad range of areas as part of a small team. Key areas I worked on included: animation; cinematics; dialogue mechanic iteration; playtesting and bug reporting. 

During my time working on the cinematics of the game, I was lucky enough to compose key shots that have been included in press releases.

The game has been praised for its narrative and dialogue mechanic, and working on the dialogue mechanic was a really interesting opportunity. I worked on implementing an 'interruption mechanic', and tweaked the times at which dialogue options would appear and fade away again. Different options would appear at different times to mirror the times at which Peter would think of them. For example, a 'panicked' response would appear sooner than a calmer more considered response. So if the player quickly clicked the first thing they saw, Peter's attitude would be far more panicky. Implementing, discussing, and iterating this feature was a rewarding process central to the game's design and feel.

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